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The Bare for Fred Award


The Bare for Fred Award

                                                                               This is it!! The Fred Bare Award!!                                                                                    No rules! No lists! Just do your thang! But while you are doing that, answer a couple of questions. Then make up a few of your own. If you want to!! Or read a book instead!! Or dance like no-one is watching! Plot the demise of Claudette. The devisor of this evil scheme. Or her wicked cohort, Nikki!! Propose to George Clooney. Don’t propose to Richard Gere. Or Nikki will kill you!! Your choices are endless!! The questions for today’s challenge are as follows……………….!

Kangaroos. Kan they really? And when was the last time you Garooed?

Haggis. Fact or fiction?

Do blondes have more fun? If so, where?