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I love to watch you as you sleep.

Your face wiped clean of stress and care.

The furrow gone between your brows.

The pillow tumbled mess of hair.

A leg escaped from tangled sheets,

Still sweet scented with desire,

Your body languid in repose,

Sated after passion’s fire.

I love to gaze upon you thus,

Feel my heart swell with loving ache,

Then nestle close against your skin,

And hold you safe until we wake.





I woke.

And you were next to me,

Face soft in repose,

Lips slightly parted,

The hint of a smile dancing there.


I breathed deeply your sweet scent,

And felt my heart swell with the joy of you.


I blinked.

And you were gone.

The memory of you escaped as a single tear

That rolled down my face,

And softly kissed the corner of my mouth.


I miss you.

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