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25 Songs 25 Days #21 Your Favourite Song



She Drives Me Crazy – The Fine Young Cannibals

Ugh!! How can I ever choose a favourite song!! I have about six hundred!! But this one is right up there!! I loved The Fine Young Cannibals, and just the first few bars of this will have me running to turn the volume up!! They also did a fabulous cover of The BuzzcocksEver Fallen In Love With Someone, both tracks are brilliant. But oh boy, those eighties videos left a lot to be desired!! No wonder we spent more time watching live gigs!!


My Lalalalalalalalala Songs


music 1

Music is one of my greatest pleasures in life. I don’t play an instrument (except the recorder, which my kids insist doesn’t count) and I can’t sing a note. But I love the feeling of music running through me, if that makes any sense? It is almost like a current running through me, and brings me alive! I am a tad strange, it has to be said, because I also love being near fighter jets as they take off, because of the powerful roar that cuts through my chest!!


I have been doing a daily blog choosing a record for a different reason each time. Trying to pick just three records that are important to me is almost impossible, so I am going to go with two of my Lalalalala songs, and one that really means a huge amount to me.What do I mean by Lalalalala songs? Think of a child that doesn’t want to listen, with their fingers stuck firmly in their ears, trilling lalalalala!! That’s what these two tracks do for me. They block out the world and lift me right back up again.

i dont care

My original one was Scary Monsters and Super Creeps by David Bowie.That drowned out a lot of aggro over the years, played at full volume with my earphones clamped to my head. It has only recently been replaced by I Don’t Care by Fall Out Boy, which has exactly the right amount of bass and squirling guitars and my favourite line ever. “The best of us can find happiness in misery.”  That has become my mantra!! Without my Lala songs, I would have lost me forever. That is why they are so important to me.

never tear us apart

This other track is a song that kept me believing I would find my Torn-Apart. Called Never Tear Us Apart it was first released by Inxs, and the lyrics just blew me away, almost as if they had been written for me. And then, just before he found me again, Paloma Faith released her astounding cover. As if she knew!! There are many songs that make me think of him, but this is the only one I would have written for him.