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I love to watch you as you sleep.

Your face wiped clean of stress and care.

The furrow gone between your brows.

The pillow tumbled mess of hair.

A leg escaped from tangled sheets,

Still sweet scented with desire,

Your body languid in repose,

Sated after passion’s fire.

I love to gaze upon you thus,

Feel my heart swell with loving ache,

Then nestle close against your skin,

And hold you safe until we wake.



An Ode to Lentil Soup




lentil soup

Oh, lentil soup, I applaud you

For keeping my family alive.

Cheap and delicious,

And smugly nutritious,

With protein, and three of the five.

But while I applaud your importance,

I have a confession to make.

You cause me to fart,

And deep in my heart,

I long for a fat, juicy steak!!

(Inspired by Claudette

Well, more of a bet!!)

Thirty Years



Thirty Years


 One of the challenges I read about on The Daily Post  just recently was Fifty by Vincent Mars. The challenge was to write something in exactly fifty words. For someone who talks way too much, that was one mighty challenge. So here it is. The moment I met up with my torn-apart again (I once read somewhere that we were all once joined to our soul-mate, and then torn apart. If we are blessed, we find them again. Told you I am an incurable romantic!).

It also gave me a really good excuse to play around on picmonkey again!!















I woke.

And you were next to me,

Face soft in repose,

Lips slightly parted,

The hint of a smile dancing there.


I breathed deeply your sweet scent,

And felt my heart swell with the joy of you.


I blinked.

And you were gone.

The memory of you escaped as a single tear

That rolled down my face,

And softly kissed the corner of my mouth.


I miss you.

I love you. Read the rest of this entry