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25 Songs 25 Days #25 A Song You Could Listen To All Day And Never Tire Of



Nearly Witches- Panic At The Disco

I adore this!! It is mad and totally over the top, perfect for me!! And I have an insane urge to dance the Argentinian Tango whilst it plays!! And frequently do!! Hey!! It has Witch in the title. What more can I say!!


25 Songs 25 Days #24 A Song You Have Danced To With Your Best Friend



Ultravox – Vienna

Aaah the Eighties!! Aaah the make-up!! Aaah Vienna!! Like what I did there!! This was possibly the best track never to make number one!! But boy was it difficult to dance to!! Picture if you will a dance floor filled with painted mannequins, all starey distant eyed and sucked in cheeks. Swaying ever so slightly. Until the middle bars, when the track suddenly sped up, and no-one quite got the moves right, and everyone did a sort of embarrassed jiggle!! Hilarious!!! My Best Friend and I included!!


25 Songs 25 Days #22 A Song Someone Has Sung To You


lee marvin

Wandering Star – Lee Marvin

My Father was not a hands-on type of Dad, more a Victorian children should be seen and not heard type!! But occasionally he let his guard down, and we actually have him on audio tape singing this. One of my fonder memories of him.


25 Songs 25 Days #21 Your Favourite Song



She Drives Me Crazy – The Fine Young Cannibals

Ugh!! How can I ever choose a favourite song!! I have about six hundred!! But this one is right up there!! I loved The Fine Young Cannibals, and just the first few bars of this will have me running to turn the volume up!! They also did a fabulous cover of The BuzzcocksEver Fallen In Love With Someone, both tracks are brilliant. But oh boy, those eighties videos left a lot to be desired!! No wonder we spent more time watching live gigs!!


25 Days – 25 Songs #19 The First Song Alphabetically On Your ipod


paloma faith30 Minute Love Affair – Paloma Faith

Have you ever watched someone on TV and thought I want them to be my Best Friend Forever? Paloma Faith is my choice!! She is gloriously outrageously mad, with the most wicked giggle, and a voice that blows you away!! My absolute favourite of hers is the cover of the Inxs track Never Tear Us Apart which is my Torn-Apart anthem. And I adore Upsidedown as well. If you haven’t discovered her yet, enjoy!! She is incredible!!!


25 Songs 25 Days #18 A Song You Love But Very Rarely Listen To



flanders and swanThe Warthog Song – Flanders and Swann

My primary school was a vestige of  Britishness, all blazers and straw boaters and speech days!! The headmaster would treat the sixth form to an hour of musical appreciation once a week, which involved him sitting, eyes closed, at the front of the class, a record playing on the small portable player. I seized the opportunity of the closed eyes to act out the story being told by the music, until one day my classmates were unable to stifle their laughter, and I was caught mid-dance, and henceforth made to sit at the front of the class!! That particular piece of music was Dance Macabre by Saint-Saens, but my most favourite of all was Flanders and Swann, giving me the chance to assume some incredibly mad characters! This particular song was the best of all, with its wickedly sharp lyrics!! So very English!!!


25 Songs 25 Days #14 A Song That Reminds You Of Your Boyfriend


the real thing

You To Me Are Everything by The Real Thing

During the early days of our relationship, my Torn-Apart dumped me unceremoniously for a female who was much given to wearing very fluffy mohair jumpers!! I was absolutely devastated, although he can’t even remember what she looked like now!! It was a short lived fling, and he begged me to take him back. I stubbornly refused all his pleas, until one evening he put this song on the juke box in our local bar, and sang it to me in front of everyone!! How could I resist?!


25 Songs – 25 Days #10 A Song By Your Favourite Band



Kasabian – Fast Fuse

I love Kasabian!! My Nearly Non-teen takes the merciless mickey out of me for this, as he reckons that all their songs sound exactly the same, but I don’t care! Really hard to pick just one track, but this one just edges the others out of the running!!


25 Songs – 25 Days #9 A Song That Makes You Feel Hopeful





take that shine

Take That – Let It Shine

This was my “right you have gone far enough now time to start getting back to you” song!! I am not a Take That fan, in fact their dance routines reduce me to hysterical giggles, but the lyrics to this song seemed very apt, and I still play it now, when I am feeling despondent, just to get me right back on track!


25 Days – 25 Songs #8 – A Song That Reminds You Of Your First Love



beegeesHow Deep Is Your Love – The Bee Gees

No hesitation with this one!! I only need to hear the first few notes of this song to be transported back to my teens! Forme, it was definitely a case of love at first sight. I can still remember with absolute clarity the very first moment I saw him, and felt as if the world stood still. My stomach flipped over, he literally took my breath away!! I was only thirteen, but knew in that instant that I would never feel the same way about anyone else. Even the way he walked, a slightly arrogant bantam strut, made me smile. Although not a huge Bee Gees fan, this track just fitted.

Life intervened, and we parted after seven years together. But I never lost hope that I would see him again. I spoke to him in my head every day, and tried to imagine where he was, what he was doing, how he looked as he aged. And then, last year, he found me. The radio was on as I got ready for work, and my phone pinged, announcing an incoming email. As I opened it, this record started to play. The briefest of sentences, but as I read it, my world stood still again.

“Hi, how are you, it’s been a while?”

Thirty years of while!! A few weeks later I went to meet him. I worried that I wouldn’t recognise him, but in the middle of rush hour, surrounded by hundreds of people, from over fifty yards away, I saw him. And my stomach flipped over.


25 Songs – 25 Days #7 A Song That Reminds You Of The Past Summer



Avicii – Wake Me Up

Last summer, last August in fact, my wonderful friend Anna treated me and another friend to four days in the Gran Hotel in Benahavis, here in the south of Spain. It is a fabulous spa hotel, nestled in a tiny village in amongst the mountains, surrounded by some incredibly lush greenery, unusual for Spain at that time of the year.

We had the most wonderful few days, sunshine, laughter, and fabulous food. And pure relaxation! By the time we came back, it felt as though we had been away for weeks!! We are going back this year. If you are ever in this part of the world, try and pay a visit. The village itself consists of a few very steep streets, packed with some of the best restaurants in europe!! Amazing place!!

Wake Me Up was in the charts at the time, and we played it very loudly in the car on the drive up!! Three middle aged women behaving like teenagers!! Every time I hear it I am transported straight back there.

Gran Hotel,Benahavis

Gran Hotel,Benahavis

20130831_135531 (1)


25 Songs – 25 Days #6 A song that reminds you of your best friend


souixsie sue


Souixsie and the Banshees – Spellbound

I met my best friend when I was fifteen, and we are still ridiculously close now!! We don’t see each other every day, but we have always been there for each other through all the most traumatic moments of our lives, and always will be!! I can honestly say that I love her, without her my life would have been a pale shadow of itself. We have had the most fabulous, mad adventures together, and pulled each other up from the dark!!

She was Souixsie Sue when we were teenagers!! Getting ready for a saturday night was an epic event. We had our routine. Heinz tomato soup, followed by fillet steak in a roll, washed down with a glass of Lambrusco red!! Three hours spent on make-up and hair, and a different outfit every week! Her mother owned a bar in the small scottish town where we lived, where we both did a couple of evening shifts during the week, and were a source of amusement to the regulars, who had never encountered such outrageous butterflies. We were required to parade through the bar on a saturday night, prior to heading for Edinburgh, so that they could see “what the Lassies are wearing tonight!!” Her make-up was always painstakingly copied from her posters of Souixsie on her bedroom wall. I leaned more towards Bananarama and Adam Ant!!


There was one other extra special bezzie who joined us. His name was Iain Cuthbertson, he worked as a hairdresser with me, and he was beautiful, outrageous, and bravely gay!! I say bravely, because his family were one of the most feared in town, and his homosexuality did not sit easy with their reputation. But he was true to his heart, and eventually they took him back into the fold. Sadly, we lost him ten years ago, but I shall always remember him. One of the directors at our salon once asked him why he chose to socialise with me, and not with the, quite frankly, far more beautiful girls I worked with? His answer?

“Well, it’s quite simple! She’s so plain, everyone looks at me!!” 


For your delectation, the three of us from 1980!!


25 Days – 25 Songs #5 A Song That Is Often Stuck In Your Head


Don’t Marry Her by The Beautiful South

I absolutely love The Beautiful South!! Their songs are so very English, with wonderfully clever, and quite often rude, lyrics, all wound into a beautiful melody. This particular track is permanently stuck in my head, and I find myself singing it several times a day, without realising I am doing so, until someone says “Again?!!” 


Unexpected Guests


old woman shoe

Thirteen years ago, I answered a knock at my front door on a hot august evening, to find my cousin and her three children standing outside. Surprise enough, even more so since I hadn’t seen or heard from her for over twelve years.

“Hallo,” she chirped. “I’ve decided to move back to Gib, so I thought I’d stay with you for a while.”

What I should have done was shut that door, lock it, and hide behind the furniture. What I actually did was smile in a stunned manner, and allow them to file past me into my woefully small living room. Space being at a premium here, the apartments command London prices. Our joint income didn’t amount to much, so my husband, my four children and I were already shoehorned into a very compact and bijou flat. Now I had suddenly acquired an extra adult, two sulky teenagers, and Victoria. And thus the nightmare began.


My cousin and I are polar opposites. On every level! I am the tall, posh, skinny, redhead, she is the short, chubby, bleached blonde with a just south of London accent. She smokes, I don’t. I do housework, she doesn’t. Where we differ the most is in our attitude to parenting. None of these things concerned me when she lived a considerable distance away, but trapped in a confined space with her, it quickly reached the point that even the sound of her breathing incited me to murderous rage. On numerous occasions my family were left open mouthed by her family’s behaviour. Her three daughters fought continuously, until I actually banned them from speaking until I had left the house in the morning. The youngest one turned out to be riddled with head lice, which resulted in my spending hours in the bathroom with traumatised kids, while cousin lay on the sofa nursing her vodka and coke. The oldest girl took to stalking the unfortunate son of one of my neighbours. Just to add to the festivities, my husband lost his job, and I was suddenly the only wage earner for a family of ten!! I started to gallop rapidly towards a nervous breakdown.


I am very blessed to have fiercely bright children. I have always thought of very young children as being like sponges, soaking up information, and made it my focus to keep them supplied with a healthy flow of stimulation. This included talking to them constantly, from the moment they were born, much to the amusement of people around me. My cousin had adopted the opposite approach, avoiding conversation with her offspring as much as possible. As a result, the youngest in particular had a very limited vocabulary. I began with the best intentions, gently correcting her, encouraging her to use the correct word. By the end of a fortnight, I was grinding my teeth in frustration. Breaking point arrived as I was unpacking the groceries whilst the rest of the household concentrated on practicing their best reclining positions. My cousin’s youngest daughter bimbled in as I placed a bunch of grapes in the fruit bowl.

“Aunty Nikki, can I ‘ave one of them berries?”

After thirty seconds of bemused searching for berries, I realised she meant the grapes.

“They are grapes, Victoria, and yes, you may have one of those grapes.”

A few moments passed.

“Aunty Nikki, can I ‘ave another one of them berries?”

“They are grapes, and yes, you may have another one of  those grapes.”

“Aunty Nikki, I really like them berries!”

Audible grinding of witch teeth.

Grapes, Victoria. They are grapes.”

She wandered back into the living room and announced to the world in general,

“I’ve just bin eatin some berries in the kitchen.”

I tried. I even clamped my hand over my mouth, but the words had already taken flight.

They are grapes!!! FUCKING grapes!!!!!”

They moved out shortly afterwards.



25 Days – 25 Songs #4 – A Song That Calms You Down



I am a little bit strange, as you may have already gathered. Soothing music doesn’t work for me when I need to calm down, I need loud!! Very loud!! Preferably with a deep bass line and lots of guitars! So that I can sing at the top of my voice, and dance wildly around the room, and vent my pent-up frustration that way!!

So I Don’t Care by Fall Out Boy fits the bill perfectly. And I love the line, “the best of us can find happiness in misery!” If you are passing my house and hear it being played, run away!! I am not in the best of moods!! You have been warned!!