25 Songs 25 Days #18 A Song You Love But Very Rarely Listen To



flanders and swanThe Warthog Song – Flanders and Swann

My primary school was a vestige of  Britishness, all blazers and straw boaters and speech days!! The headmaster would treat the sixth form to an hour of musical appreciation once a week, which involved him sitting, eyes closed, at the front of the class, a record playing on the small portable player. I seized the opportunity of the closed eyes to act out the story being told by the music, until one day my classmates were unable to stifle their laughter, and I was caught mid-dance, and henceforth made to sit at the front of the class!! That particular piece of music was Dance Macabre by Saint-Saens, but my most favourite of all was Flanders and Swann, giving me the chance to assume some incredibly mad characters! This particular song was the best of all, with its wickedly sharp lyrics!! So very English!!!


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