25 Songs – 25 Days #6 A song that reminds you of your best friend


souixsie sue


Souixsie and the Banshees – Spellbound

I met my best friend when I was fifteen, and we are still ridiculously close now!! We don’t see each other every day, but we have always been there for each other through all the most traumatic moments of our lives, and always will be!! I can honestly say that I love her, without her my life would have been a pale shadow of itself. We have had the most fabulous, mad adventures together, and pulled each other up from the dark!!

Sheย wasย Souixsie Sue when we were teenagers!! Getting ready for a saturday night was an epic event. We had our routine. Heinz tomato soup, followed by fillet steak in a roll, washed down with a glass of Lambrusco red!! Three hours spent on make-up and hair, and a different outfit every week! Her mother owned a bar in the small scottish town where we lived, where we both did a couple of evening shifts during the week, and were a source of amusement to the regulars, who had never encountered such outrageous butterflies. We were required to parade through the bar on a saturday night, prior to heading for Edinburgh, so that they could see “what the Lassies are wearing tonight!!” Her make-up was always painstakingly copied from her posters of Souixsie on her bedroom wall. I leaned more towards Bananarama and Adam Ant!!


There was one other extra special bezzie who joined us. His name was Iain Cuthbertson, he worked as a hairdresser with me, and he was beautiful, outrageous, and bravely gay!! I say bravely, because his family were one of the most feared in town, and his homosexuality did not sit easy with their reputation. But he was true to his heart, and eventually they took him back into the fold. Sadly, we lost him ten years ago, but I shall always remember him. One of the directors at our salon once asked him why he chose to socialise with me, and not with the, quite frankly, far more beautiful girls I worked with? His answer?

“Well, it’s quite simple! She’s so plain, everyone looks at me!!”ย 


For your delectation, the three of us from 1980!!


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  1. I love it when you take us back to the 1980’s. Brings back many happy memories for me, with a few painful ones thrown in. I remember going to a Gay night club for the very first time in 1981. Boy, it was a frightened experience just walking up the steps to the place in case anyone saw me, let alone who would see me once inside the place! How times have changed, thank goodness. As for Bananarama – my all time favourite girl group ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • When Iain, the guy in the photo, first started working with me, we used to go out to lunch together. The first few times we were followed by a guy who screamed foul abuse at Iain, and spat at him in the street!! Iain blythely ignored him, and I was too polite to ask about it. My curiosity finally got the better of me, and it turned out it was his younger brother!! Incredible!!!
      When Carol and I first came back to Gib, we were constantly asked if we were Bananarama!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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      • Now you may not believe this……..well OK maybe you will, but back in the early 90’s I was part of a drag act called ‘The Condoms’ which containied 5 guys with moustaches who performed for charity. My very first act was that of the middle one in Bananarama singing ‘Help”. Boy, did I need help, but pleased to say we raisecd a lot of money during our four years on the circuit.

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      • Oh, I have plenty of them, but maybe I’ll show you them when we meet up rather than post them on here. I’m not sure what the other guys would think if they appeared on here, even though between us, over the years, we raised more than ยฃ10,000 for charity.


  2. Lol..I love your friend’s answer. You two probably got along so well. I am sorry he passed. I remember Souixsie and the Banshees and definitely Culture Club. ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. I can’t but notice that your son’s name matches your friends. Coincidence? Also, help an American out, how do you pronounce that name? EE-yun? EYE-yun? YOU-ehn? It’s that second i, I’m just not sure what to do with it.


    • Long story!! I’ll do a post about it!! Iain is the scottish spelling of Ian, actually the correct way to spell it, being the scottish version of John! It is pronounced eeyun! Xx


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