Tangled in Cambodia


Charlotte in Cambodia

Darling Daughter spent last summer doing voluntary work in Cambodia. She has a wealth of fabulous photos, and I am trying to persuade her to do a guest post for me. But this is my favourite. I call it her Rapunzel moment!!

About Thewitch

Nikki is a half centenarian, an eternal teenager, and mother of four geniuses. In her previous incarnation, she was a famous Parisian courtesan, and witch, thus explaining her habit of talking to the moon in french. Due to her inability to control her thought/speech processes, she writes about life, love, laughter and anything else that happens to spill out. Those of a strong constitution can read more on her About page.

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  1. So, is she receptive to the idea of a guest post? I’m considering broaching the topic with K when he’s home next week but I’m not sure what his response will be.


    • She quite likes the idea of it, but she loathes creative writing in any form, very much a scientist!! I think I might do it as an interview once she gets home from Uni next month. A lot more personal for K although maybe he might relish the chance to put forward his perspective?


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