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round em up

Two months ago, I started this blog. Two months!! It feels like I have been doing this for years! I had no idea what a blog entailed. My Torn-Apart talked me into taking the first step. Purely on the basis of the *emilys* I had written to him. Started to pester me, in fact. So I did a bit of research, and WordPress was the suggestion that came up again and again.

So I took a deep breath, signed up, and dived into the Blogosphere! It is the best eyes closed, holding nose, jump I have ever taken! This is an absolute joy! What’s not to love? I get to write, laugh, share, read, investigate, talk, question, interact with the most amazing group of people ever. I have discovered that I really enjoy taking phoneographs, and sharing my thoughts on films and books. That the utterings of my geniuses delight others as well! That I can offload my angst, and other people understand. That I can make people laugh, so they feel better as a result. Which is, for me, the best thing ever. Most special of all, I have connected with the most amazing, talented, inspiring people, from places I could only hope to visit, and we have become friends.

So today’s assignment has been the most difficult. Include at least three other bloggers. Three!! I want to include everyone! I have written lists, categories, themes, inspirations. I have decided to go with those people who have inspired me, and encouraged me, from day one, and who continue to do this daily. But before I start, I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who is following me, and who has taken the time to dip into my madness!! OK, here goes!

Nate, because you made me feel that I could write. And for the amazing stories you weave around the family you have discovered.

Hugh, for facing up to that monster, and beating it to the ground. And for laughing with me!

Pavennah, for enjoying the nonsense that I write. And for being so very honest about your struggles at times.

Indah, for the amazing images and insights into your world and culture. And for sharing the laughter!

NS, for your constant input. And your sharing of your life, and those beautiful children,

Jules. For making me feel funny, and nominating me for a Liebster, which made me feel like an Oscar winner!!

Kat. For being the most amazing Mum ever. For sharing Β your story, to make other parents feel they are not alone.

Maria. For liking my photos, and making me want to go straight back out there and shoot some more!

Athena. For being Athena! I adore you!! For your gut wrenching honesty!! And your dog!! And I can make you laugh!


Katie. Because Sass and Balderdash inspired me!! And still does!!


The amazing youngsters, Laura, Anna, Angelique,Sass, and Romeo! Smart, stylish, stunning ladies!


JenK Β and Me, for being mums after my own heart!


Lucie. A newcomer. Check her out!! She is brilliant. Much belly laughing!! And she has my tattoo habit!!


Last, and most certainly not least……..Claudette!! Talented, tough, and as mad as a box of frogs!! My two-headed, Tasmanian, utter nutter!! Who can write. And make beautiful things.


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  1. I loved this post, and visited several of the bloggers you mentioned. Now that I’m following you, I’ll come back to this post to explore the rest of them. I’m way, way way behind in my Blogging 101 assignments, and really am still “finding my voice”. I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying learning, writing and sharing here on wordpress.


    • Thank you!! There are loads more, so I might make it a weekly post!! WordPress is amazing, such a great community!! And your voice will come, believe me!! πŸ™‚


  2. Aw thanks for including me! I love your take on this assignment and I always enjoy hearing what you have to say. I have not started this one yet. I’m struggling with it but I’ve learned that if I step back, something comes to me. Great job!


    • Thanks Kat!! I write like I talk, in a huge great rush!! And I really do appreciate the input you give!! Heheh!! Perhaps I should step back sometimes. Nope, I just know that is never going to happen!! πŸ˜€


  3. A big hug from me to you Nikki and a big kiss on the cheek for mentioning me in your post. I don’t do ‘compliments’ very well (face blushing right now), but have to say that you and your blog have encouraged me to keep at the blogging. If you (and the family) are ever in the UK, then please we have to do drinks over dinner (or lunch). I’ll even treat you to a stick of rock, toffee apple and candy floss on Brighton pier (if you can take the excitement of it all!).

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    • Yaaaaay!!!! Candyfloss!! I love it!! Thanks Hugh, I would love to!! It’s a date!! You may yet live to regret this!!! (Laughs maniacally!!) You deserve the mention, I love your blog, and you have the same sense of the rdiculous!! πŸ˜€

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  4. I’m crying. I wish you didn’t live on that rock, and I didn’t live in the best place in the world, and that we could be next doors. You have enriched my life by so much, that you can’t even begin to imagine it Witchy, thank you from the bottom of my (quite large – well, fat – well, “Officially way past skinny”) heart. πŸ™‚

    P.S I’ve never had a box of frogs, and if I did I would not make them mad, they probably bite. With little sharp retractable teeth, in fact they could be vampire frogs and they probably sparkle in the sunlight and we just don’t notice, and I’m definitely not mad as a box of frogs – snails, yes, frogs no.

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    • You see? That is why I loves ya!! No crying, unless it is in blissful mirth!! It’s not like I live on the opposite side of the world!! Oh wait. I do!! Meh!! Adding “saving up to go to Tasmania” to my todo list! May even forsake my beloved Maldives for that!! Hahahah!! Be careful what you wish for!! There is a reason my parents abandoned me on a rock!! And yes, you are right! Snails!! I should have said snails!
      P.S. Given your snail affinity, never come to my part of the world at Easter. You will be eaten. With a very tasty garlic and tmato sauce! You have been warned!! πŸ˜€


      • Mmm, may have to re-think the whole snail thing now, but then just about everybody eats something, somewhere, that i could be. πŸ™‚


  5. I can see I’ve been missing out on all the fun. I’m almost 3/4 of a century old, it takes time kids, to get along. One confusion I’ve had is over names. Nikki is bobandemily and The witch? You see my dilemma. Hugh you are a relief, you moniker is your own mom given name,, I presume? I love reading all your work. Some brutal, frank, screamingly funny, some heartbreak and tears, I love them all.

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    • Thank you so much, Meredith! Sorry about the name confusion. The Witch is my user name, I was going to remain anonymous, but meh!! That didn’t last long!! My real name is Nicola Jane Alison, but that really is a mouthful, so I ended up with Nikki, my family call me Nik! Witch is what my Torn-Apart has always called me. I may have misheard!! But seriously, thank you for reading my brain spillings!! I love your blog too!!


    • Thank you so much for your kind words Meredith. Actually, Hugh is my middle name. I stopped using my first name shortly after starting school for various reasons, but mainly to do with my height! One of my posts reveals my first name (the one about me being nominated for the award). I’m hopeless at remembering names and have had some pretty embarrassing moments in my time with names but, hey, that’s life I suppose.

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  6. It’s been so much fun meeting you, Nikki! I have learned from your writing style and your wit. Look forward to many more fun posts. And did you say the Maldives – I’ve seen them on TV and they look wonderful. Keep taking photos and telling us funny stories! 😊. Oh and thanks for including me in your list!

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  7. Hi new friend! Thank you so much for the mention, I am really chuffed with having an impact on someone else! I keep telling me daughter Eva, ‘LOOK! I have people who want to read my nonsense’! She just rolls her eyes, goes, ‘ugh’ and back to the xbox. Love to you in the sun and heat from here in the rain and wind….. bloody Ireland eh! xxx

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    • Hahah!! Know that reaction well!! I am not allowed to mention mine, if I do, my brood all take the mick mercilessly, asking if I’m famous!!! Keep an eye out on the Daily Press for their next zero to hero course, great fun and well worth doing, I went from 5 to 130 followers in a month!! Amazing!! Incidentally, my daddy was from Belfast, know the Irish weather well, we used to spend our summer holidays in IslandMagee!!


  8. Thank you so much! It means so much that you want to read what I write and that you had me in your list! I love your outlook on life, your stories and your photographs. It has been so wonderful getting to know you.


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