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  1. Really lovely pictures, and we at last get to see a picture of the dog you have mentioned in your posts. Wasn’t aware you had a cat as well, he/she looks well chilled out laying in the sun on that window ledge.


    • The less than fragrant Sophie!! The cat is the brains of the duo, The kids call him Noel, because we acquired him around Christmas time. I call him Leon, He is far too cunning to have a sweet name!! He is not a cuddly cat, and is terrified of seagulls! He thinks the dog is just a big, smelly cat, and torments her on a regular basis, but pines when she is not around.


    • Thank you!! That’s very sweet!! We are all more than just a little bit mad!! As for the dog? Apart from being totally ditsy? She is a terrier cross, part Maltese, part West Highland White. She is a rescue dog, that we have had since she was eight months old. She was found tied in a black plastic bag in a bin housing, by one of the bin men. Had he not realised she was in the bag, she would have gone into the crusher, which is just horrific.My youngest, sitting on the stairs with her, is HER boy! She adores him, he can do no wrong in her eyes!!.


      • Oh my gosh, I’m so glad the bin man found her. What a story!!! I’m so glad it had a happy ending. She looks like quite the cherished pooch who is living the life now.:)


      • Much adored!! My daughter openly admits to missing her more than me when she is away at university, unless, of course, money is involved!!


  2. My, what a happy lot! Really nice to see your family so I can place faces with names. And I *love* that you choose to call the cat the reverse of what the rest of your family calls him – noel/leon! Clever. Don’t know if it says more about the cat or about you, though. PS. had to go to an Australian site to figure out what the hell ‘daggy’ meant. Now I’ll use it all the time!


    • Hahaha!! Paloma Faith – Upside Down!! That’s my song, definitely! Daggy is a brilliant word, isn’t it? It is up there with the scottish expression Aunty Beeny! Describes someone who is a bit old fashioned in the way they dress! Love it!


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