I Couldn’t Possibly Comment………Oh I Already Have!!




Day Seventeen. And today we are being encouraged to increase our commenting confidence. I have to admit I have been really inspired to leave a comment by some of the amazing and diverse posts I have been reading. I feel that if someone has worked hard to produce an excellent piece of work, that inspires me, or touches a raw nerve, or simply makes me laugh loudly, then it is only fair to let them know how much that effort is appreciated. I am also delighted when someone takes the time to do the same for me. Their opinions are an indicator of whether my ideas were clearly enough expressed, and where I am veering off the path.

What has really struck me, though, is how involved you quickly become in the story unfolding in front of your eyes. This is not the the arena of the flippant, three word comment of Facebook, accompanied by an emoticon or two, and yet another request to play Candy Crush! And invariably lol. (I have a real problem with people of a certain age, who, until six months ago, probably thought that stood for lots of love, who then go into lol overdrive, and use it more frequently than unnecessary apostrophes!!) There is a far greater intimacy involved. People are baring their souls, sharing their hopes and aspirations, trusting you to help them grow.

smiley face

I suddenly find that I know more about these fellow bloggers, only recently introduced, than I know about work colleagues I have known for years. And feel fiercely supportive of them, want to see them grow and blossom. I am delighted to find some who are equally as mad as I am, find myself thinking almost as much about the content of my comments as my posts, and eagerly anticipating the response. I have realised that those missives don’t need to be a small essay, nor do I have to feel obliged to say something about  every single item I read. I do it when I really feel something, have genuinely been affected by the subject matter.

I do try, however, to respond to those comments left for me, to show that I really appreciate their time, attention, and opinion. Blogging is definitely a two way street, and I cannot flourish unless I am helping others to do the same.

So I shall continue to make a point of reading, and responding, on a daily basis. Lol. Rofl. Lmao. Smiley face!

About Thewitch

Nikki is a half centenarian, an eternal teenager, and mother of four geniuses. In her previous incarnation, she was a famous Parisian courtesan, and witch, thus explaining her habit of talking to the moon in french. Due to her inability to control her thought/speech processes, she writes about life, love, laughter and anything else that happens to spill out. Those of a strong constitution can read more on her About page.

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  1. I like commenting better on blogs than on Facebook because it is so much more meaningful. Of course, there’s more to comment on here as there’s more substance to a post than a status update. Speaking as a person who isn’t a huge fan of small talk, blog commenting is much more to my liking as we can get straight to the good stuff!


  2. So true! I tried blogging once before and didn’t get anywhere with it at all, but in doing this zerotohero course I have learnt so much about the community side to it, and I am really addicted to that aspect of blogging now! You’re right about people baring their souls too, and blogging certainly doesn’t feel as flashy as Facebook or Instagram, etc.
    P.S I am definitely equally mad.


  3. Am I boring? am I sane? (pretty sure I’m not, the tag on my hip reads “Do not operate in any manner liable to cause damage. Incorrect usage can cause serious illness, disability and death”. I was kinda hoping I wouldn’t have to tell you that, BUT I need you to understand I’m just not “run-of-he mill-nuts”, I’m ground-over-by-the-big-grindstone, run-of-the-mill-nuts-crushed to-powder”. Are we clear now? OK (p.s I love smileys but hate lols)


    • Hahahah!!! That is why I loves ya!! Make sure you keep that tag well displayed, I find it is all too easy to tuck it in your knickers by mistake!!!!!!!!


      • Ooh yeah!!! I’ll come with you!! Or maybe not, because I will end up getting another one myself!! I always quite fancied a ticket like Paddington’s!! In light of the exploding brain, that might not be as daft as it sounds!! Are you feeling a bit more you again? 🙂


      • Oh, I am me, better than me, In fact I’m so me that I think I could be you?
        Thanks for asking.
        I’ve just eaten a bunch of chocolate m&m’s, that’s always good for the whatchamacalit, blues thingy.


      • I could live with that. 🙂 I’m aminlining choclate as we speak, they keep getting stuck in my nose. (a funny emoticon for looney laughter would be inserted here, if I knew how to do that)


      • OOOOOOkkkkkk – that’s me in slow motion cause I’m too full of chocolate. I want a frog emoticon (no, I don’t know where that came from, it just hopped in)


  4. All very well put Nikki. Like you I have gotten to know people on the course far better than those I worked with at my last job. For me, blogging certainly brings everything out of you because I feel like I am with a group of people who, because they have the same interest as me, I know I can talk to and tell anything (we are all on the same wave length). They may be many miles away, or just in the next town, but I feel like I am part of a big happy community on here.
    As for comments, I love to leave them and will always reply to anyone who has taken the trouble to leave a comment on my writing. I’ve had such valuable feedback from fellow bloggers which has helped me a great deal and as you know, from being one of my followers, I’ve conquered a few ‘monsters in the closet’ along the way.


    • More than conquered them, vanquished would be a better word!! And it is fab to talk to people who don’t just smile weakly because they have no idea what I am wittering about!! And I am feeling less of a fraud!! Get me and flash fiction!! Love it!!!

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