Hey Mum, Look What I Can Do!!!!


My brain had a bit of a blip today. I felt pretty damn odd for an hour or so, and more than just a bit sorry for myself. So my fifteen year old son took it upon himself to cheer me up by demonstrating his latest skill. Sadly, it wasn’t the ability to clean his teeth without being frogmarched to the bathroom, or putting dirty washing in the linen basket. Nonetheless, it left me speechless, and in awe!

He is already six foot two, and still growing rapidly. I swear if you watch him for long enough you can see it happen. And still at that gangly teenage stage where he doesn’t yet seem in total control of his limbs. Which made it all the more stunning when he sat on the floor in front of me, and proceeded to wrap his legs behind his head!! No hands involved, he simply leaned back slightly, lifted both legs in the air, toes pointed towards the ceiling, and then wrapped them round the back of his neck!! Amazing!!!!! I sat there, stunned, and then the two of us dissolved into hysterical giggles!!!

I have no idea what use this talent will be to him in later life, but at that moment in time it made me feel a damn sight better!!

P.s. My inability to control my thought/speech reflex struck again at yoga this week. On being complemented by the instructor on my shoulder stand, I blithely announced to my fellow earnest yogaists, and to the world in general, that I have always been at my best on my back with my legs in the air!!

About Thewitch

Nikki is a half centenarian, an eternal teenager, and mother of four geniuses. In her previous incarnation, she was a famous Parisian courtesan, and witch, thus explaining her habit of talking to the moon in french. Due to her inability to control her thought/speech processes, she writes about life, love, laughter and anything else that happens to spill out. Those of a strong constitution can read more on her About page.

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  1. What a good life you live! So you’re attending yoga class! That explains why you have such a positive disposition in life. ๐Ÿ˜€ Stay lighthearted! :))))


  2. That last line is hilarious and I bet you got a laugh or two out of it. I was just talking to my 36 yr old son on the phone yesterday about his growth spurt at 15. He was an average sized kid and then in just a few months he grew to the 6’4″ he is today. The basketball coach was thrilled. He remembers how fast it was and how he got pains in his legs. It’s great to watch them grow in to men. Enjoy!


    • My oldest, 28, is also 6′ 4″, with the biggest feet in the world!! My daughter and my middle son regularly sulk, because they take after my scottish side of the family, who are all basically hobbits!!


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