So why Bob and Emily? I chose this name, because it was the reason behind my venture into blogging. A bond reformed, dictated by distance, 1500 miles to be precise, became an epistolary relationship. Oh, I love that phrase. I want to use it again and again! To date, we have exchanged over 2000 emails, in the space of six months. Emily was the result of an autocorrect of email whilst he was typing on the tube, which delighted me, and is now part of our language. Along with numerous other words and phrases which have come about by accident, yet fit perfectly. We have managed to meet up, to spend time together, and that is another blog completely. In fact, a book, I suspect.

Those meetings, however, led to Bob. Aka B.O.B. as in battery operated boyfriend. Aka Robert Rabbit. I sent a series of emilys in the form of letters from Bob, expressing his dismay in being usurped in my affections, and the dramatic changes he was facing as a result. Accompanied by photos, to illustrate his new direction. I may share those one day, perhaps not yet! There were moments when I questioned what the hell I was doing, spending an hour preparing a vibrator for a photo shoot!! But it seems they were funny enough for Him to encourage me to write properly, to share my thoughts and ideas with a wider audience.  So here I am. Bob and Emily.

Should I change the tag line? I don’t think so! Live, love, laugh. I know, it is a hackneyed phrase, that appears on numerous Facebook posts. But it summed up how I approach life, and thus became the first thing I had tattooed on my body. At least, I hope I did, since I chose to have it done in chinese lettering, and for all I know, my lower back now reads like a take-away special. I also had my birth sign (Cancer) included, and even I have to admit that it looks more, somewhat disconcertingly, like 69. But I do believe, very strongly, that those are the ethics we should adopt, that love and laughter are what define us as humans, and that we should live life to the full, every single day.

A survivor’s guide. I am the consummate survivor. No matter what has been thrown at me, I have held my breath, and floated back to the surface. I could have curled into a corner, and sobbed “Poor me!” But I learned, very early on, to really enjoy even the most basic of pleasures. Don’t be mistaken, I am not an all forgiving, tree hugging marvel! I am horribly sarcastic, I don’t suffer fools gladly, and as I get older, I become more of a snob. I can’t abide insincerity, and I have no time for mind games. But no matter how bloody awful my life has been, there is always some poor sod who has been dealt a far worse hand. So I relish sun on my skin, laughter with friends, a huge hug from my kids, smelly dog trying to lick my face, and dancing on my own to really loud music! And my emilys. Love my emilys.

And now, suddenly, I have an amazing new world to explore, a huge wealth of talent that I can sink into, a delicious cocktail of images, ideas, and stories. So thank you, for including me in this fabulous adventure, I hope you enjoy my musings as much as I relish yours.

Should I Change My Name?

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  1. Emily is derived from email? I think, your blog’s title has already stood for what it is about. The bridge to a relationship. After all, it is very nice to meet you, Emaily :).


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